The Chairperson will normally preside at all General Committee Meetings, the AGM and any EOGM. He/she shall be responsible for guiding the activities of the club in accordance with its Constitution, articles and rules, and general policy as expressed by the majority to its Members. The Chairperson shall represent or arrange for the representation of the Club at BC national, regional and local meetings and the meetings of other organisations where of interest to the Club. He/she shall ex officio be a member of any other Sub-group or group allocated to a Coaching Lead of the club.

Deputy Chairperson




The Secretary will be responsible for the organisation of all meetings of the General Committee and other meetings such as the AGM and any EOGM. The Secretary will record the minutes relating to such meetings and ensure they are made available to all Members. The Secretary shall receive all correspondence relating to the general business of the Club. He/she shall also be responsible for transmitting to the Section Secretaries and Coaching Leads all correspondence relating to the particular activities of the section/group at the earliest opportunity. The Secretary shall receive Copies of the minutes relating to the meetings of Section and Coaching Lead meetings.

Finance Officer


The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection of all monies including subscriptions and levies and shall keep such books of account and make reports as required by the General Committee. He/she shall have the power to examine, after giving one week's notice, the books of any section, and shall report any discrepancies to the General Committee. The Treasurer shall audit the books of the Club and each Section (where these have been duly formed and have their own accounts) annually and shall produce at General Committee meetings and the AGM balance sheets showing the financial state of the Club (and each section), accompanied by the Auditors report for the AGM.

Membership Officer

Judith & Dez

The Membership Secretary shall be the first point of contact at the Club for all membership enquiries. Enquiries received by other members should be directed to the Membership Secretary. The main duties shall include sending out application forms and other information to interested parties, processing returned application forms, forwarding monies received to the Treasurer, issuing welcome packs to admitted members, notifying the General Committee of any concerns relating to applicants, maintaining an up to date membership register, updating the Club e-mails data base, issuing membership renewals, notify the General Committee on non-renewals (and reasons for this when given) and notifying the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer on requests for the wavering of fees and charges under Article 4(b). The Membership Secretary will produce reports for the General Committee and AGM as requested. The Membership Secretary may also produce attendance registers to support specific activities of the Club at the request of Coaching Leads where registration is essential. The Membership Secretary is authorised to collect fees where these have been applied by the General Committee. The Membership Secretary may delegate the role of registering attendance at such events and collecting associated fees with the agreement of the Chairperson.


Kirsty & Sue

The role of the Welfare Co-ordinator is to ensure the safety of all Club members under the age of 16, and vulnerable adults, who may come into contact with adults as part of the activities of the Club, and to ensure the Club is compliant with all relevant guidance, regulations and laws. This role may be performed by more than one member, but only one may attend General Committee meetings in this capacity.

Kit Officer


The Equipment Officer is responsible for the safekeeping, maintenance and checking of all Club equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose. The Equipment Co-ordinator will keep a comprehensive equipment inventory and advise the General Committee on the condition of equipment and report any damaged, lost or stolen items. The Equipment Co-ordinator will advise on the acquisition of replacement and new equipment.



Events Co-ordinator


The events co-ordinator shall be responsible for producing a diary of events open to all Club members, details of which are to be set out in either an annual program, or separate Summer and Winter programmes. These can include trips related to all aspects of kayaking and canoeing linked to day events, weekend events, summer camps, expeditions and competitions. The diary of events will also include all social and fundraising events. The Events Co-ordinator will not be responsible for the actual running of such events (unless they are leading an event), but must look to publish and promote such activities through the co-operation and assistance of other Club Members, who may be designated as the specific event contact. Copies of any programmes produced must be made available to Members. The Events Co-ordinator may also assist specific event contacts in promoting their events with additional publicity.



Youth Co-ordinator

Thomas Marwood

The Youth Co-ordinators are responsible for keeping the General Committee and appropriate Sub-Committees informed of the views, interests and needs of the Club’s Youth Members. With agreement from the Chairperson, the Youth Co-ordinators may hold specific meetings with the Youth members for this purpose. The 3 Youth Members will appoint a lead Youth Co-ordinator who will be entitled to vote at General Committee meetings. The other Co-ordinators will not be entitled to vote but can make their views known.

Head Coach


The Head Coach Is responsible for all Coaching provided by the Club, ensuring it is delivered to the highest standards, and for the general safety of Members who attend Club organised events. The Head Coach is empowered to delegate some of his/her responsibilities to other appropriately experienced and qualified Coaches to lead on specific disciplines and activities organised by the Club, with support from other volunteers serving on a sub-group. Where this happens, they will be referred to as Coaching Leads, to which other sections of this Constitution will apply. Once a Coaching Lead and associated sub-group is established, the Lead Coach will oversee the running of the sub-group. The Lead Coach and sub-group will produce a mission statement, including where necessary, an action plan to help further the aims and objectives of their group, in consultation with the Head Coach, with final agreement resting with the Coaching Strategy Group. The Head Coach will update the General Committee on all Coaching matters, and the work of Coaching Leads. Lead Coaches will serve for a minimum of 12 months and may be replaced after that period by other suitably experienced and qualified Coaches at the discretion of the Head Coach, who will be responsible overall for each Coaching Lead created and the work of the sub-group. The Head Coach is also responsible for Coaching development and progression and will chair the Coaching Strategy Group.